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    Thu, 7th Dec at 10pm UAE

    Professional assassin Chev Chelios learns his rival has injected him with a poison that will kill him if his heart rate drops.

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    Fri, 15th Dec at 10pm UAE

    Mason, a hard-nosed detective is pushed beyond his limits. He deliberately gets arrested in order to take revenge when his wife is killed by a criminal.

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    Resident Evil: Retribution

    Sat, 23rd Dec at 10pm UAE

    Alice fights alongside a resistance movement to regain her freedom from an Umbrella Corporation’s deadly T-virus that continues to turn the world's population into legions of flesh-eating zombies.

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    Mission: Impossible III

    Sat, 30th Dec at 10pm UAE

    Retired from active duty and training recruits for the Impossible Mission Force, agent Ethan Hunt faces the toughest foe of his career: Owen Davian , an international broker of arms and information, who is as cunning as he is ruthless.


Monday December 11 , 2017 UAE Timing
The Patriot 1:15am
Ambushed 2:45am
The Condemned 2 4:18am
Best of the Best 3: No Turning Back 5:47am
Devil's Playground 7:15am
Crank 9:00am
Machete 10:30am
Hostel 12:15pm
Hostel: Part II 2:00pm
Wrath Of Cain 3:30pm
Icarus 5:00pm
The Patriot 6:30pm
Paycheck 8:00pm
Badges Of Fury 10:00pm
Turbulence II: Fear of Flying 11:45pm