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    Men in Black 3

    Mon, 3rd July at 10pm UAE

    Agent J travels in time to M.I.B.'s early days in 1969 to stop an alien from assassinating his friend Agent K and changing history.

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    The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

    Mon, 10th July at 8pm UAE

    In an alternate Victorian Age world, a group of famous contemporary fantasy, science fiction, and adventure characters’ team up on a secret mission.

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    Fri, 21st July at 10pm UAE

    A CIA agent goes on the run after a defector accuses her of being a Russian spy.

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    Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

    Mon, 31st July at 8:15pm UAE

    A cybernetic warrior from a post-apocalyptic future travels back in time to protect a 25-year old drifter and his future wife from a most advanced robotic assassin and to ensure they both survive a nuclear attack.


Wednesday July 19 , 2017 UAE Timing
Saints And Soldiers 2:00am
The Sweeney 3:30am
Independence Day 5:30am
A Good Man 8:30am
The International 10:30am
Saints And Soldiers 1:00pm
Cleanskin 3:00pm
Best Of The Best 4: Without Warning 5:00pm
Killer Elite 6:30pm
Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker 8:30pm
Force Of Execution 10:00pm
Equilibrium 11:45pm